The ‘Tree Ambulance’ is a joint effort by SASA group under able guidance of Dr Abdul Ghani to deliver a positive environmental impact by exclusively caring for trees.

As an innovative concept, the idea of a tree ambulance is to save trees by care for sick ones and help bring back uprooted trees to their feet. With rising pollution levels and diminishing green space, it is vital that fully grown trees are nurtured and protected. Fully equipment with the latest mechanical tools, fungicides, fertilizers and the like, the tree ambulance is ready to take on any challenge, any time! Apart from a physical ambulance, the Tree Ambulance as an organization is involved in a complete range of services (hyperlink to services page), all related to saving and enhancing our green cover.

Contact Info
  •   SASA Group,
  •      3rd Floor, “Mamanjee Center” S7-A,
  •      Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy,
  •      Chennai , 600 032
  •   +91 44 22501458